Bedwars Server & In game Rules

  1. All players must have appropriate usernames that are not offensive.
  2. Your Minecraft skin must be appropriate for our community and not offensive.
  3. Griefing is strictly prohibited and will result in a permanent ban.
  4. Do not ask for free stuff or beg for items from admins.
  5. Do not hack or cheat to gain an advantage that would not normally be available in regular gameplay.
  6. If you disagree with another player or are uncomfortable with their messages, please notify a staff member.
  7. Please use English and Singlish in public chat.
  8. Harassing staff members or other players is not allowed.
  9. Impersonating staff members or other players is not allowed.
  10. Advertising in public and private chat is prohibited.
  11. Players should not share their account's information with anyone.
  12. Any threat or attempt to DDoS/SWAT another player or server will result in a permanent ban.
  13. Do not send any link that is deemed inappropriate or malicious. Do not send the same message in quick succession in public chat.
  14. Do not send spoilers in public chat.
  15. Do not spam commands that negatively affect other players.
  16. Do not argue or harass staff members.
  17. Please keep the chat friendly for all ages.
  18. The use of stolen or hacked accounts is not permitted.
  19. Do not use any derogatory terms on the server. We are not responsible for anything you lose.
  20. We are not responsible for anything you lose.
  21. We do not refund anything you buy with real money. (Defend some issue)
  22. No hacking or cheating: Using any kind of hacks, mods, or cheats that give an unfair advantage is strictly prohibited.
  23. Respect other players: Treat all players with respect and refrain from any form of harassment, discrimination, or offensive behavior.
  24. No teaming in solo mode: In solo Bedwars games, teaming with other players is not allowed.
  25. Follow map-specific rules: Some Bedwars maps may have specific rules regarding gameplay, such as building limitations or specific strategies that are not allowed.
  26. No cross-teaming: In team-based Bedwars games, players must not form alliances with players from other teams to gain an advantage.
  27. No spamming or excessive chat: Avoid spamming chat with unnecessary messages or using excessive caps lock.
  28. Do not grief: Deliberately sabotaging your team or other players' progress, such as destroying bridges or blocking their build space, is not allowed.
  29. Do not abuse glitches: Exploiting bugs or glitches in the game to gain an unfair advantage is against the rules.
  30. Do not impersonate staff or players: Pretending to be a staff member or another player to deceive or mislead others is prohibited.
  31. Obey server staff: Follow instructions given by server staff members and cooperate with them if any issues arise.
  • Enforcement Actions: Rule breakers will be punished by Kick, Ban, Warn, Mute, or Timeout.