Other Rules

DSG Common Minecraft Multiplayer

Server Rules


These rules apply to most Minecraft multiplayer servers, but specifics may vary. Always read the server's rules before joining !

DSG General Guidelines:

  1. Respect all players: Treat others with kindness and avoid harassment, bullying, or offensive language.
  2. No cheating: This includes using hacks, exploits, modified clients, or bug abuse to gain an unfair advantage.
  3. Fair play: Play by the server's rules and game mechanics. Don't intentionally disrupt gameplay for others.
  4. Griefing is prohibited: Don't destroy or steal from other players' builds or belongings without their permission.
  5. Advertising is not allowed: Don't advertise other servers or promote unrelated content.
  6. Listen to staff: Server moderators and admins are there to help. Follow their instructions and respect their decisions.

Chat Rules:

  1. Keep chat clean: Avoid excessive swearing, insults, or offensive language.
  2. Use proper chat etiquette: Don't spam the chat, use caps excessively, or flood with messages.
  3. Respectful communication: Discuss disagreements maturely and avoid personal attacks.
  4. No real-world information sharing: Don't share personal details like your address or phone number.

Game Specific Rules

(May vary depending on the game mode):

PvP (Player vs. Player) might be allowed or disallowed depending on the server.
Raiding or stealing might be allowed in certain areas or with certain restrictions.

Respect other players' creations and don't build over them without permission.

Follow the specific rules for each minigame.
Don't exploit glitches or bugs to win unfairly.

Raiding enemy factions might be encouraged, but follow server-defined raid rules.
Friendly fire within your faction might be disabled.

Follow rules regarding stealing from other players' islands.
Some servers might have restrictions on using resources from the main island.

Economy Servers:
Don't exploit the economy system through glitches or scams.
Follow server-defined trading rules.

Additional Considerations:

  1. Client modifications: Some servers allow certain client-side mods (like minimaps) while others don't. Check the server's rules.
  2. AFK (Away From Keyboard): Some servers have rules regarding inactivity and afk timers.
  3. Building restrictions: There might be limitations on where and what you can build.

Consequences for Breaking Rules:

  • Breaking server rules can result in punishments ranging from warnings to temporary or permanent bans.
  • Remember: These are general guidelines. Always check the specific server's rules for details. Most servers will have their rules readily available on their website or upon joining the DSG all server.
  • By following the rules, you can ensure a fun and enjoyable experience for yourself and everyone else on the DSG Minecraft server!